If for some unbeknown reason I was to be stuck on a deserted island and I was only able to take 6 products with me, which ones would I choose?  Highly unlikely, I know, but these are the questions that keep me up at night, LOL. They aren’t of cause but for arguments sake lets pretend they are!

If you’re anything like me you’re usually running around like a chicken with its head cut off, usually biting off more than you can chew and juggling more balls than a circus performer with six arms! We would like to think that we have all the time in the world to preen and pamper ourselves but in reality we’re usually juggling work, family, friends and our never ending strive for health and wellbeing. As said best by internet sensation Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

So here it is. A list of my Top 6 Products! (That I would take to a deserted island, Lol).

No.1  Keune Design Brush Out Lacquer

I love this hair spray! I use it daily on myself and my clients.  It has a strong hold but can be brushed out without any flaking. It’s not sticky and leaves your hair looking natural and shiny.

No.2  Keune Design Dry Shampoo

Seriously!! Who was the magician who created this! If you’re new to the concept of dry shampoo you’re going to be thanking me.  Dry shampoo works without water, by absorbing the oils that can make hair feel limp and greasy. Almost like magic, hair is cleaner and fuller – with extra body.  Do yourself a favour and next time you’re in the salon order yourself a bottle.

No.3  Napoleon Perdis Lip gloss – Silk Road Lip Pink Empress

This is a beautiful natural pink lip gloss that will leave you feeling a little bit fun and flirty!

No.4  Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup SPF 15

Mineral makeup is fantastic for daily wear. It is weightless, super rich in antioxidants and not only does it moisturise your skin it also protects it from the sun.  This is an everyday must have.

No.5  Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Powder Compact, Blushing

This mosaic powder by Napoleon is so versatile, I use it as a blush and eyeshadow.It gives you a gorgeous glow allowing you to accentuate cheekbones, contours and add a  touch of colour.

No.6  Peep Show Madame Beyond Mascara

A girl always needs her mascara! This Napoleon Perdis Mascara is a must have.  Not only does it extend the natural full potential of your lashes its also has a high water content which keeps your lashes hydrated.

So thats it, my Top 6 Products to get you out the door looking your best. Next time your on your way to a deserted island don’t forget to pack your essentials!!

Emily xx

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