Let me help you become an even more beautiful version of you!

I truly understand how important it is to feel and look your absolute best as a woman.  Not only is it fun to beautify yourself… it is essential!

I regularly observe my clients happy and pleasing reactions in the mirror after having their hair and makeup beautifully styled.  I have realised how important it is to care for yourself.  Hair and makeup styling improves your appearance and is an act of self expression, self love with the added benefit of boosting self esteem as you radiate even more confidence.

With this awareness, I’m making it my mission, to share with woman and men all over the globe, how important it is to take the time to pamper and invest in yourself.  I look forward to sharing my professional personal styling tips and advice to both woman and men so that they too can also learn how to feel the most beautiful version of themselves not just on their wedding day but everyday!

On my blog I will regularly share and demonstrate simple, quick and easy daily hair, make up and finger/toe nail grooming styling tips to help you achieve salon hair and make up at home so you can start your day feeling the most beautiful version of you. I am positive that with this valuable tool it will assist you to look your absolute best, feel more attractive and confident performing your daily activities due to a more positive mindset, exuding a happier energy which enables you to have a more productive day whether in a corporate environment or busy mum and dad’s on the go.

Passionate about self improvement I choose to combine my love of hair and makeup styling with my other loves being health and fitness, diet and nutrition, philosophy and spirituality.  This balance assists me in inspiring and motivating others on how to create more beautiful version of themselves both inside and out whilst leading a more fun filled, balanced lifestyle.

As a busy career woman and mother to my young son Samuel and daughter Olivia, I insist on proudly embracing the female body, regularly nurturing myself with positive pastimes, beach walks, dancing, weight training, keeps my spirit soaring and feeling happy, strong, focused and optimistic which inevitably enhances my feminine soul.

Join me on my journey and share this blog with your girlfriends. Together we can create an even more beautiful version of you!

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